Applied in Personal Relationship At Work

The successful philosophy in the 21st century crucially contains eighty percent of personal relations and innovative knowledge. It is essential to control effective personal relations and manage people I know in this competitive workplace.

In another word, we have to work on customer relationship management as well as customer data-base management, and rapidly raise your working efficiency and ability of management through your work.

Usually personal or organizational source management focuses on assembling information of names, organizations, addresses, phone numbers, fax numbers, cell phone numbers, email addresses and website from all lists; then, set up a data base in order to get needed information without spending much time.

The science of dermatoglyphics, not just providing with lists and source management, covers humanity management.

It provides its users with a digital means to accumulate their people they know, and also builds up not only digital personal relation management but customer relation management with humanity through a feedback analysis system which is about personalities, value and consumption preference.

With dermatoglyphics, salespeople can easily apply it to business for better accomplishment, bringing them successful work performance and great profitability.

The fundamental knowledge of dermatoglyphics + the digital personal relation

managing system = stunning performance in sales up

The fundamental knowledge of dermatoglyphics is about learning how to do fingerprint sampling and identify various fingerprint patterns as well as how to use simple analysis to build up good personal relations.

The information in the digital personal relation managing system includes names, IDs, birth dates, phone numbers, education backgrounds, occupations, addresses, introducers, e-mails and notes.

Besides all these, it also contains analyzed information such as personality and mentality characteristics, advantageous fields, learning styles, learning types, suggested ways of learning, working force, leadership styles, consumption preference, pressure endurance and job preference.

It even has the searching function that information can be found from the date base with names, birth dates, IDs, education backgrounds, occupations or fingerprint patterns, which is an effective application in personal relation management within the established data base.

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